Comedian, Caught In The Act
Wed Feb 11, 7:30 PM - (AP)
HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Funnyman, Charles Jackson, who performs under the stage name, Charles Jackson, was detained, and booked  Saturday night in front of the world famous Comedy Store. Police confiscated 2 grams of jokes, found in his possession. The jokes were  recently reported stolen from the estate of the late legendary actor/comedian, Redd Foxx.
     "I did not steal those jokes," stated Jackson through his attorney. "I bought them from former Foxx protégée, Reynaldo Rey. Mr. Rey is out of the country, and was not available for comment.
     Jackson was booked and released. LAPD spokesman, Sgt. Jack Meoff stated, "There was not enough evidence to prove that the  alleged  stolen jokes were even funny, so we had to let the man go and complete his contractual commitments.
     Mr. Jackson's publicist and manager, Charles Jackson (no relation) urges the public to come out to the Comedy Store on February 11, 2004, and judge for themselves if the material is even funny. For more information, call: area code 877 - 801-9555.

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